Benjamin Harlan

Composer.  Conductor.  Educator.  Pianist.

Benjamin holds Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees from Baylor University and the D.M.A. degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas. His career includes vocational church music ministry and positions on seminary faculties in Fort Worth, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana. His interest in writing stems from his work as a practicing church musician, having served over a dozen congregations. Benjamin Harlan is a frequent clinician and has a special interest in congregational singing. He and his wife, Connie, have three grown children: Katie, Emily and Christopher.

Bryan Jeffery Leech
Lord, When We Praise You with Glorious Music

Lord, when we praise You with glorious music
Using our giftedness solely for You:
When we return to You songs that exalt You,
When they inspire all the things that we do:
Life has a fullness, life has excitement,
For we are learning the glory is Yours;
And in our hearts we are looking for heaven,
When we shall give you unceasing applause.

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