It Is Well with My Soul

Most all have heard part of the story: Horatio Spafford, a prominent Chicago lawyer, sent his wife, Anna, and their four daughters on a transatlantic voyage aboard the ill-fated S.S. Ville du Havre. Spafford was to have journeyed with them but, at the last moment, was detained by business. On November 22, 1873, the ship collided with another vessel, the Lochearn, sinking in 12 minutes and claiming the lives of 226 including the Spaffords’ four daughters. Anna was found floating semi-conscious on a piece of broken planking.

Anna Spafford gave birth to three more children. Their only son died of pneumonia at age four. Yet, with all of this heartbreak, Horatio and Anna Spafford’s strong, resilient faith led them to eventually settle in Jerusalem where they served the needy, helped the poor, cared for the sick, and opened hearts and home to homeless children.

We hope you’ll enjoy this arrangement of “It Is Well With My Soul.” You may download it at no cost and use with your congregation.

You may hear Hugh Bonneville’s remarkable story of the Spaffords and the penning of this beloved hymn below.

—Benjamin Harlan

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