A Program of Carols and Music

Don’t look now but it’s November! In such an unprecedented year in the life of a church musician and worship planner, it is likely that you are still trying to make plans for the upcoming Christmas season that will offer some coherent, meaningful musical and worship experience for your community (likely, virtually!). If there was any season that needed the encouragement and inspiration of music, it is this one.

I recently heard of one church in Georgia that a couple of years ago used 10 of Benjamin Harlan’s congregational carol arrangements and strung together a night of wonderful music and singing. Consider doing the same this year. This resource offers the gamut of instrumental possibilities — everything from a single piano, piano and organ, to full-scale orchestrations (which can work even with a random assortment of the players you might be working with). In between carol arrangements, mix in readings (Scripture or otherwise) or testimonies from parishoners which tie together the selections into one coherent whole.

Here are the selections that were used by the church in Georgia:

*Orchestrations Available

Contact us for a discount code if purchasing titles from this list (20% off of 5 Titles; 30% off of all 10 Titles).

It is my hope that this upcoming season is one of peace and rest for you and yours. If you need a stress-free program that is just right for such a time as this, I believe this site can be a helpful resource. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you need advice or help toward that end.

God’s peace.

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